Andy Steinberg

I’m a Mexican Jew…So that happened.

Andy’s entrance into comedy started in a less then traditional way. After two kids, a divorce, and a failed business attempt, Andy was standing at life’s crossroads. That is when he decided to pick up a microphone and tell strangers about his dysfunctional childhood, less than stellar self-confidence, and his twisted views of life. What sounds like a bitter rant on the surface, turns into a rollercoaster ride with a refreshingly realistic approach to parenthood, relationships, and common sense, filled with laughter and self-discovery.

Andy has opened for such comics as Dave Attell, Pablo Francisco, and Amy Schumer, just to name a few. You may recognize him from his appearance on The Food Network or his bigger than life performance in the movie Green Guys, where he stole the show as “Card Player Number 3.”

When Andy is not raising his 2 boys, Maximum Havoc and Tru Chaos, or performing, he is probably sleeping. You can always call and wake him. 602.451.1111

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