andy steinberg
insufficient industry credits


Bios are for comics that people don't know!

Andy Steinberg is a comic that NEEDS a bio.

After reading that Andy tours with Aries Spears and has opened for many other comics such as Doug Benson, Marc Maron and Dave Attell, do you find him any more credible? Andy has been invited to perform on multiple Odd Ball Comedy Festivals, including the "original" with Dave Chappelle. Credible yet?

If movies are important to you, Andy has an IMDB page for his work in a movie you have never heard of called "Green Guys," where he played card player #3. He was not integral to the movie but played a much more complex part than card player #4. Andy started his own production company, "Insignificant Industry Credits," as an homage to his career. Andy has also started a weekly podcast with Aries Spears about day-to-day life as a human.

Recently, Andy had lunch with Bill Burr...not that Burr really wanted to go to lunch with me (I'm sick of this 3rd person BS) but he did! Have you ever been to lunch with Bill Burr? I didn't think so!

If this does not make you want to see me live, you can probably assume I am okay with that since I really didn't take this bio seriously to begin with.